Pre Employment Testing

Major projects need candidates that not only have the requisite skills but are also work ready. They must present themselves at the specified start time, equipped with the right tickets, tools and safety gear ready and be able to start work. As part of our service to employers we can arrange:

  • Pre-employment functional assessments / industry medical assessments
  • Psychometric testing – operational suitability, occupation risk indexing (likelihood of incident involvement)
  • Fitness for work testing
  • Sensory and AOD testing (audiometric, vision, drugs and alcohol)
  • Verification of competencies (RII, trades, customised plant, high risk occupations, fixed plant, semi-skilled tasks)

We present this assessment in a Job Profiler format so you can review the results in an easy “numerical and chart” reference format.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

All persons have a legal duty to ensure that they present and remain as fit for work (without ill health or being under an adverse influence of a substance / medication). This requires persons to be free from the influences of drug and alcohol consumption. Workforce Express have a zero tolerance policy for employees and contractors who present to work under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

We assist our clients in providing and maintaining a safe working environment by screening our candidates to determine if they are under the influence of illicit substances or alcohol prior to sending them to site.

Drug and alcohol screening is conducted via passive alcohol analysis and a urinalysis which is performed under DATDAS001A certification to meet AS 4308:2008 and AS 4760:2006 standards.

Functional Testing

Workforce Express perform functional testing as part of our candidate screening process, ensuring the candidates we provide are fit for work.

A medical history is taken for each candidate, covering their injury history, medical conditions, and current medications. Several procedures are undertaken to assess a candidate’s health, including blood pressure, grip strength, and range of movement.

To enquire about the benefits of pre-employment, contact our friendly staff for a no obligation consultation or quote: 1300 WFE 007.