Privacy Statement

I declare that the information given on this form and any additional documentation relating to this application such as resume, verification of skills relating to my capabilities etc supplied by me is true and correct.

All of this information can be utilised by Workforce Express (and its related service providers) in order to assess my suitability for employment with the Company. I understand that in the course of the assessment Workforce Express (and its related service providers) may seek to obtain information from other persons, such as past employers, referees and other parties who may not be named on the employment application. In the course of an assessment of suitability there may be requirements for me to undertake a pre-employment medical assessment, criminal check, drug and alcohol testing, aptitude and psychometric testing. The results of any testing are confidential to Workforce Express (and its related service providers) and the person/s or company conducting the testing.

I hereby authorise that my personal information supplied to Workforce Express (and its related service providers) including any application details, my resume, information from referees or any government department may be provided to Workforce Express (and its related service providers) clients, their representatives and agents, training organisations, job network members, contracted services providers (i.e. banks, logistics, IT service providers) and regulatory organisations (superannuation)

In the course of my association with Workforce Express (and its related service providers) and its clients I hereby give an undertaking relating to the non-disclosure of confidential information. Confidential information includes information, knowledge or material that is, by its nature confidential, is designated by the person making it available as confidential or the recipient knows or ought to know that it is confidential. Personal information has the same meaning as in the Privacy Act 1988 and Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

I acknowledge that by my completion of this application there has been no promise or expectation of employment.

Thank you for completing this application for employment, please ensure that you have completed, provided and understood all the information contained on this form.